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Electric Reclining Sofa

Here at Steptoes we have a vast array of electric reclining sofas. We stock various colours and designs . Fabric & Microfiber variants are available. Reclining sofas have always been very popular in Cyprus for this reason we always have stock available to order. Most of our suppliers we have been dealing with for over 5 years with very little to no issues. On top of that we do also stock manual reclining sofa sets available in leather and fabric.

Most of our electric reclining sofa sets feature two buttons one for reclining. Likewise the other for returning to a non reclined position.

Microfiber has been one of our most popular sellers over the years and some of you may ask why? Here are a few reasons;

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort

Our staff can provide more information in store on all of our models in store.

We are constantly having new arrivals & we try to appeal to everybody by stocking a variety of colours. So if you do not find what you’re looking for. Please do not hesitate to ask about incoming stock. Majority of our electric reclining sofas we source from one of the Worlds largest sofa manufacturers. Most noteworthy all materials used in the making of these sofas is of the highest quality. Also they are eco-friendly to provide comfort and safety for everyone who uses it.


Unlike most companies we order all pieces in bulk stock which means we can deliver to you provided you’re local within 1/2 working days. Our delivery team are highly trained and skilled to deliver your set in one piece whether you own a house or apartment. Some sofas are modular making it easier for us deliver. However some models are not but as mentioned previously our delivery team have dealt with most situations making them highly adaptable. We can also uplift your old sofa set or reclining sofas at an additional charge which can be discussed upon purchase further.

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